About CrossCurrents Culture

Helping folks create their own culture, CrossCurrents has offered affordable entertainment in a rich community spirit for over 25 years, often preferring crude vigor to polished banality!


You, our members, know about our various councils and about how many kinds of folk arts activities we sponsor, but we’re not sure how far that message reaches. We decided that the best way to make people understand what we do is to include the message in our name, and since we are a folk arts alliance, why not call ourselves what we are? Why not indeed!

What all does our folk alliance cover?

Lots! Monthly barn dances sponsored by our Dance Council, traditional folk music concerts sponsored by our KC Folk Music Council, twice monthly opportunities for local songwriters to perform and share songs sponsored by our Songwriters Circle Council, women’s music concerts and comedian performances sponsored by our Willow Productions Council, to name some of our current activities. Want us to do more? You can be part of our activities, just show up with a folk arts idea, we always welcome folks who are looking for a place to put on their own show.

So, you may ask, what do we mean by folk and what have we done with our old taglines?

Well, to paraphrase Utah Phillips, you are the folk, this is your art, comprende? We’re still people creating our own culture. And, in full recognition of the validity of the tagline we put on our 30th anniversary tee-shirt, we’re still people who engage in self-indulgence through the arts in the name of social justice. Finally, as we have done for over 30 years starting with our initial organization as The Foolkiller (which in turn was started by Folk University), we adhere to Jack Conroy’s directive to prefer crude vigor over polished banality. Remember, as one becomes enlightened, one kills the fool within.

CrossCurrents, Kansas City’s Folk Arts Alliance, has been keeping folk arts and folk culture alive in Kansas City for over 30 years.

CrossCurrents Membership Information

$15.00 – Limited Income
$20.00 – Individual
$30.00 – Family
$50.00 – Supporter
$100.00 – Sponsor
$ _____ Other

Info on payments coming soon.