Willow is a Kansas City based, women-operated production company committed to empowering women by creating, producing and sustaining women-centered culture. We work with other groups to educate ourselves and our community in social concerns in the hope of creating a just world. Willow is the 1997 recipient of GLAAD's Leadership Award.

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Willow Productions


Big Bad Gina

Friday - 8pm
March 14th
Pierson Auditorium on UMKC Campus
Kansas City MO


Winners 2012 and 2014
Her HRC Battle of the Bands!


The 2012
WIA's Got Talent Contest
at the
National Women's Music Festival

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Willow Productions presents
Big Bad Gina
In Concert, Friday, March 14 at 8pm

at Pierson Auditorium on

UMKC Campus-Room 245
in Student Union

Atterbury Student Success Center - 5000 Holmes

Tickets: $15 advance $18 at door

From rock to reggae, jazz to rap, to Goddess groovin’ and danceable disco, Big Bad Gina spans a myriad of genres and styles with knee buckling 3 part harmony and multi-instrumentalism. They have headlined national festivals on the Womyn’s music and LGBTQ circuits leaving their audiences exhilarated and asking for more. Their first CD release, "Amazon Warrior Princess” features 10 original tracks with songs written by each of the three band members and the title track is the 2009 Goddess Festival winning theme song. With their second release, “Lake of Dreams”, the band continues the tradition of all members taking turns writing originals and they bring it on strong with sultry, soulful lyrics about love, life, and living our dreams. Full of passion, feeling, and an empowering mission “Lake of Dreams” is good for the after dinner hours. BBG's 3rd CD, "Shine Your Light", features tributes to powerful women songwriters such as Ferron, Teresa Trull, and an invincible roaring reference to Helen Reddy. From haunting love ballad with soaring violin to samba rockin' and bluesy piano, to a bass and drum veggie rap, Big Bad Gina brings multiple genres to life.

BIG in range, BAD in the best way, GINA has songs to sing and something to say. This is what happens when energy and enthusiasm meet with talent and creativity. You can listen to what each of these three women individually brings to the mix, but what you’ll hear is bigger and ‘badder’ than the sum of the parts. Serious fun! – Keith Grimwood of Trout Fishing In America.

Big Bad Gina is...

Jori Costello, Renée Janski, and Melodie Griffis

Jori Costello: Singer/songbird, guitar groovin, percussion pounding Goddess.

Renée Janski: Ethno-Amazon vocals, gypsy fiddle, and keyboard kinesthetics.

Melodie Griffis: Global jazz Angel with the silky soprano voice, keeping it rockin on the bass and guitars.

Add a slew of instruments, some kickin original tunes and select scintillating covers, and you have Big Bad Gina an all womyn’s band that is ready to rock the world with their award winning “Amazon Warrior Princess” Goddess Groove! It’s Folkin’ Rockin’! 

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Don't miss the music for lack of funds. If you cannot afford a ticket, we have a few sponsored tickets available. Please send an e-mail to
info at willowmusic.org no later than the Wednesday before the concert with your request for a ticket.

To hear great women's music tune into WomanSong on KKFI 90.1 FM - Kansas City, MO on Saturday's from 11am - 1pm. WomanSong is music written and performed by women and about women. Hosted by Linda Wilson.

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