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For more information call: 816-.941.9435

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Kansas City's producer of Traditional Folk, Blues, Celtic, New Folk and Homegrown Music.

We are a volunteer organization that relies on individuals to put in the time and effort to produce good folk music concerts. If you are interested in becoming a producer on the Music Council, here are some steps to take:

Attend a KC Folk Music meeting: These are held as needed. Email Diana Suckiel to get on the list of people to notify of meetings so you can attend. This is a good way to see what we do.

Help with a production: Find a producer that you can work closely with on a concert to learn all of the various things that need doing and how to do them.

Produce a small concert with the help of an experienced producer: This helps you get your feet wet without being left out all on your own. Once you have experienced all the little details and surprises that come with concert production, you are ready to produce concerts on your own.

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    at all KC Folk Music events?
    (unless otherwise noted)

    John Walker

    John w

    Saturday- 8pm
    April 12, 2014

    House Concert
    1609 S. 28th St.
    KCKS 66106

    At the door

    KC Folk Music presents John Walker in a house concert on
    Saturday April 12 at 8pm at 1609 S. 28th St. KCKS. 66106

    At the door $15.00
    RSVP call Mike at 816-898-3270

    There are 3 or 4 of John Walker's records on the jukebox at the Jazz Kitchen on 39th St and more times than I can count I've been knocked out by an unfamiliar song coming from the machine and had to walk over to see who it was singing & playing like that. And I've played many gigs with John in the ten years
    we've known each other but when he randomly appears on the stereo at the Jazz it always strikes me just how good he is a natural, the real thing.

    John has been singing. playing & writing great songs since 1960. He has about 15 vinyl & cd releases to his credit and in 2012 he published his first book of poetry. He's performed "churches, bars. hay fields, nursing homes, house concerts, small stages & large, from living rooms to the Kennedy Center."

    For directions or more information call Mike at 816-898-3270


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    or at the door of the event.

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